Best Blackheads Remover Machine


Model: MZ-BR01
Net Weight: 202g
Voltage: 5v-1A
Power: 12W
Gear: 5 gears
Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Warranty: 1 year



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Blackheads Remover Machine is a multifunctional beauty instrument that can solve skin firming, cleansing pores, acne, blackheads, and oil issues. we bring vacuum suction technology which can massage the skin and suck out the pores, blackheads grease and dirt gently, etc. At the same time, it can be lifted tightly to make the skin more tight and smooth, clear and shiny. We put beauty lights that can clean your pores and smooth your skin.

How to remove Blackheads step-by-step

  1. Hot compress on the face heat the face with this device or a hot the face with this device or hot towel or a stem face device for 3-5 minutes to open the pores
  2. Apple the Blackheads Remover Machine liquid drop the blackheads derived liquid on the cotton pad and put it on the nose for 3-5 minutes. Liquide buy it yourself.
  3. Choose the suitable gear and adjust the appropriate gear which is suitable for your skin.
  4. Suck the Blackheadssuck where the blackheads lie and move slowly (use 1-2 minutes per time).
  5. Wash your face after sucking the Blackheads, Please wash your face with water.
  6. Do facial care apply shrink water and use this Blackheads Remover Machine for a cold compress to shrink pores or apply a hydrating mask.

Beauty Lamp Care Blackheads Remover Machine Benefits

Best Blackheads Remover Machine

  1. Read-Light-soft skin restores skin elasticity
  2. Green Light-shine skin, restores skin tender and transparent
  3. Blue-ray–R Repair skin, conditioning skin, secretion, narrowing pore


Blackheads Remover Machine 4 heads

This product has four heads. its head has a different force. Change the head from small to large

Mini round hole Head: small head for small blackheads, sensitive skin, nasal grove acne, etc.

Medium Round Head: Medium head is suitable for acne with too much oil.

Medium-large Head: Large head suitable for the skin with strong endurance or more blackheads, need to move slowly on the skin after use.

Large Round Head: It has a strong head V face. When used it needs to move slowly on the skin. Do not use more than 2S on one part. When using  V face, it should be lifted from the bottom to the top and moved slowly from the chin to the top.

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