Rose Quarts Face Mask


100% all natural rose quartz
Tightening and toning the facial muscles
Improving product absorption (from your topical skincare regimen)
Promoting lymphatic drainage
Addressing puffiness and wrinkles
Contouring the facial structure
Naturally closing pores



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Rose Quarts Face Mask is a beautiful stone known to promote calming and soothing that can help promote a sense of well-being. Rose quartz should feel cold, smooth, and soap-like to the touch. It should take a while to get warm if it is top quality. When applied over the face, cool rose quartz can soothe the skin, reduce puffiness, relieve sinus issues, close pores, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. Simply the Rose Quartz Mask over your face in an outward direction for a relaxing facial massage leaving you with radiant skin. This gorgeous, natural crystal roller has a large stone end and a small stone end to help massage the contours of the face. Rose quartz is the ultimate beauty and love stone promoting self-love in particular.

The Rose Quartz Mask is somewhat heavy and the mask’s weight is very comforting. When it is cooled, the mask can greatly help reduce inflammation and swelling. Storing the mask in the refrigerator between use will ensure that it is extra cool.

A cool rose quartz mask will help with

+ Tightening and toning the facial muscles
+ Improving product absorption (from your topical skincare regimen)
+ Promoting lymphatic drainage
+ Addressing puffiness and wrinkles
+ Contouring the facial structure
+ Naturally closing pores

PRO TIP: Place the Rose Quartz in the refrigerator or on ice before use.
Note: Due to natural formations in the stones, each roller will be unique and vary in color from the listed image.


Is the Rose Quartz Face Mask Suitable for All Skin Types?

Yes, the Rose Quartz Face Mask is suitable for all skin types. Its gentle, non-invasive nature makes it an ideal addition to any skincare routine.

How Does Rose Quartz Benefit the Skin?

Rose quartz is known for promoting circulation, reducing inflammation, and providing a burst of hydration. These properties contribute to a more youthful and radiant complexion.

Can I Use the Rose Quartz Face Mask Daily?

While the mask is gentle enough for daily use, we recommend incorporating it 2-3 times a week for optimal results. Listen to your skin’s needs and adjust accordingly.

Is the Rose Quartz Face Mask Fragrance-Free?

Yes, the Rose Quartz Face Mask is fragrance-free, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or those who prefer products without added scents.

What is the price of the Rose Quarts Face Mask in Bangladesh?

The latest price of a Rose Quarts Face Mask in Bangladesh is 16,000 ৳. You can buy the IPL hair removal machine, at the best price from our website or visit any of your Lolona Mart showrooms. Follow us on Facebook For Regular updates & offers.

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